Hungerdark (town)

Hungerdark – the hobgoblin trading post

Hungerdark is a trading post on the east side of Mt Branthlend where human traders from Pitax (and beyond) trade weapons, food and raw materials to the Hobgoblins inside Mt Branthlend.

It is a divided town, between “Upper Hungerdark” and “Lower Hungerdark”. Upper Hungerdark is the Hobgoblin portion of the town, and Lower Hungerdark is the non-hobgoblin part of the town.

The only part of Upper Hungerdark that non-hobgoblins ever see (except as a slave) is the craggy hole in the side of the mountain, 500 feet up. Hanging down the mountain are dozens of lengths of mithral chain (created by enslaved dwarven smiths) that can be used to haul goods up into the cavemouth. Grooves have been worn in the side of the mountain by the sliding of the chain and goods over the years. Each night the chains are drawn up into the cave by two enslaved [[Cyclops Federation] Cyclops] that are barely visible from the ground.

Lower Hungerdark is nominally an outpost of Pitax, though representatives of trade groups from Daggermark and independent bandit kings also lay claim to portions of the town. The town, despite existing solely to exchange goods with the hobgoblins of the mountain, is heavily fortified in the direction of Upper Hungerdark, lest the un-Hobgoblinlike practice of trading prove too tiresome for the hobgoblins and a raid is attempted. There have, in fact, been instances of hobgoblin raids from Upper Hungerdark on Lower Hungerdark, some destroying the town entirely. Despite this, the wealth of the mountain remains a draw of traders and craftsmen willing to do business with monsters.

Hungerdark (town)

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