The Kargi Clan

Name: Kargi Clan of the Glenebon Uplands
Alignment: chaotic good
Population: approximately 250 human, 5 half elves
6 tribes make up the clan, each named after their family

Kargistaad – in practice identical to Erastil. Kargstaad is depicted as a four armed frost giant wielding two heavy crossbows and two greatswords. He is the “hunter in winter”, the source of the clan’s toughness and granter of surprise bounty even in the coldest parts of the year.

family/tribe based 10 (family) 40(tribe)
The families of a tribe stick together, with each family setting up camp close to one another for mutual protection against wandering monsters and craft/child care. From the camp, the tribesmen will hunt in pairs or foursomes, returning to the camp if they find large game. The tribes themselves roam independently, only gathering for yearly rituals or emergency councils.

Tribes of the Kargi:
Azin – 40 tribesmen
Blaane – 30 tribesmen
Ohesaare – 45 tribesmen – (this is the PCs tribe, led by Perum)
Saare – 35 tribesmen
Sindi – 55 tribesmen
Torgu – 35 tribesmen

The Kargi respect strength and hunting prowess. While they don’t have official “leaders”, in any given tribe stronger families will have more influence, eat the choicer pieces of meat and lead the tribe during war.
Disputes are settled by unarmed combat or if the dispute is greater, through hunting contests.

Kargi have a taboo against eating fish and a generally low opinion of farmers.

If the Kargi have had a weak “great hunt”, they will organize a raiding hunt against their traditional enemies, the N’Bitter tribe of the Slough. In addition to food and treasure seized in these raids, young Kargi have the opportunity to take war trophies of teeth from the “fish eaters” (a slur) of the N’Bitter. Jewelry of hundreds of teeth are a sure sign of a Kargi who has participated in many of these raids.

In lean times, the Kargi are known to raid the farms outside of Pitax and Littletown for animals, or to push north into Brevoy to steal livestock.

Traditional weapons:

Use of dogs for hunting and protection:
From the ages of 4 – 10, children of the tribe are expected to care for and train the tribe’s guard and hunting dogs. A few children of 7-10 with a trained dog will accompany a larger hunting expedition and are responsible for the dog’s behavior, performance and direction. While all Kargi grow up with a close working relationship with dogs, it is considered immature/child-like for an adult Kargi to have a dog as a pet or working animal.

Art of the Kargi:
The Kargi have a strong tradition of song and dance, much of which is derived from Centaur songs and game.
The visual arts of the Kargi are limited. They produce clothing and jewelry from animal hides and feathers. The closest to traditional art they create are small, wood or stone carved icons. The icons tend to be of animals/gods – Kargstaad is popular, dogs are very popular and common, hippogriffs and even occasionally Manticore are sometimes carved and carried for luck or protection.

The Kargi are primarily subsistence hunter/gatherers, but because of their privilege of hunting on centaur lands, they occasionally trade rare furs or extra quantities of meat at Hungerdark.

Ambitious, unsettled young Kargi sometimes leave the tribe to work as mercenaries/guards for the merchants of Hungerdark. If one of these youth misses two years of great hunts, they’re assumed dead and mourned in a funeral ceremony.

Presence of half-elves in the clan:
For generations, the tribes of the Kargi have endured a mysterious phenomenon – maybe once or twice a decade a beautiful tribeswoman will disappear without a trace, only to re-appear a few months or even years later, visibly pregnant. They never have any memory of where they were, but the child they give birth to is invariably half-elf. The half-elf children and their predilection for bardic magic are looked at as a blessing from the land, and the mother honored.

Bardic tradition:
Kargi magic revolves around oral traditions of the hunt. Kargi rangers learn magic to tame the wilds and Kargi bards learn both Centaur traditional songs and dances that allow hunters to sneak up on their prey.

The Cyclops Federation
N’Bitter tribe
Arbatrial tribe – sometimes
House Lebedia of Brevoy

A’Halouk – centaurs
Hungerdark (town)
Arbatrial tribe – sometimes

The Kargi Clan

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