The ancient ruin of the centaur city Il’Halouk is the center of the Halouk “kingdom”. Few structures still exist since the city once had a population of upwards of 20000, that means much of the city is completely razed or in great disperair.

Only one tiny corner of the vast city remains built, with a dozen structures intermittently occupied by Centaur.

The ruined city’s footprint is much larger than a normal human city due to the lesser density, with wider streets and alleys and much more distance between each building.

The entire ruin radiates warmth during winter, preventing snow from sticking and even melting it out a half mile around. This magical effect is well known to the Kargi and wildlife of the Uplands, making it a population center during winter. This is when the Kargi and the centaur have the most interaction, though the cultural exchange is primarily downwards from the centaur to the Kargi.

There are no fortifications or walls around the ruined city.


Feb 2012 - Pathfinder - Conquest of Steel campaign simonmaxhill