The Azin are a tribe of The Kargi Clan, numbering around 40-50 tribesmen at any time.

They are the tribe of least stature amongst the Kargi, and forced into the most dangerous and least fecund hunting grounds – those between Hungerdark and Il’Halouk.

Because of their proximity to Hungerdark, the Azin have many more hostile interactions with humans and hobgoblins, as well as the occasional manticore attack from Mt Branthlend. The competition with Hungerdark and the mountains denizens for meat means the Azin are generally less well fed and physically fit than the other Kargi. This is one of the reasons for the attitude of the other Kargi that the Azin are weaklings and less brave than other Kargi tribesmen.

The Azin have the closest relationship to the centaur of all the Kargi clans, possibly because of their greater reliance on the centaur laws for protecting their food sources and sovereignty from the humans of Pitax and the monsters of Mt Branthlend. They are far more respectful of the centaur and more lawful in general. The Azin also are more worshipful of Kargistaad.

The Azin have a much greater number of rangers and bards than the other Kargi, and fewer barbarians. Their bards have many stories about the terrors of the mountain as well as the evils of the hobgoblin.

Notable Azin:
Akpinar, chief and Ranger
Antelia, bard

Recent terrors of the mountain include:
A family of Cyclops that roam the hillsides near the mountain and occasionally raid the Azin lands. The Centaur have, so far, been indifferent to the Azin complaints.

Human poachers have also been invading the Azin lands, from time to time. Even setting traps.


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