A'Halouk - centaurs

The A’Halouk are a warrior tribe of approximately 150 centaur that claim a 75 mile radius around the ruined centaur city of Il’Halouk as their hunting ground. They aggressively patrol the area, and using signal arrows, can quickly summon centaur bowmen to punish anyone daring to poach or encroach on their land.

A’Halouk attitude towards the The Kargi Clan is aloof and indifferent, as long as the Kargi obey the hunting laws. It is traditional that once a year the Kargi gather as footsoldiers to help the Centaur repel the hungry mobs of the Cyclops Federation, in exchange for allowing the Kargi clan to hunt one Meuvabi – the giant, feathered elk that graze the uplands. The Kargi are sometimes enlisted by the Centaur eradicating the occasional expansion of farms out of Hungerdark, Littletown or outposts of Pitax. Despite these obligations of the Kargi towards the A’Halouk, the centaurs do not consider the Kargi their allies nor their subjects.

Other humanoid races enter the lands of the A’Halouk at their peril – the Centaur will presume an outsider is unaware of their laws, or (even more damning) aware of them but there to poach anyways. Once spotted, travelers will find themselves first followed by a few centaur archers, then more and more until the centaur have gathered in the dozens. If the traveler isn’t wise enough to turn back as the tribesmen grow in numbers, his trip will be ended by a ceaseless rain of arrows.

A tradition of archery:
The Centaur of the Uplands are master archers and have a tradition of bow-making that goes back millennia. They are generally armed with masterwork compound bows appropriate to their strength. The leaders of the tribe (level 6 and 8 rangers, mostly) carry magical bows that have passed from generation to generation.
All centaur carry a magical quiver that provides a never ending supply of arrows, as well as a few specialty arrows (signal arrows, sleep arrows and occasionally more powerful magical arrows) and a supply of adamantium tipped arrows.
The Centaur will avoid hand to hand combat, keeping a distance from their foes and continuing to hit from a distance, using their superior speed to stay far out of the reach of their enemies.

Ancient alliances:

Armed forces attempting to make an incursion into Centaur lands will first find themselves harassed night and day by groups of Centaur, and usually that is enough to repel them. There are legends of temporary, unholy alliances with various monsters of the Uplands – attested to by tapestries in the House Lebedia that depict gory battles in which Centaur archers fire volleys over the heads of heavily armored, axe-wielding Cyclops while Manticore and Griffon swoop down on soldiers and rend them limb from limb.

Laws of the land:
The A’Halouk forbid a number of things-
1. No permanent structures may be built within the hunting grounds. This definitely means permanent structures, but even a temporary structure with a wooden floor like a yurt could be interpreted as such and burned to the ground. Even in winter the Kargi rarely leave their tents up in one spot for more than a few days.
2. No four legged animals larger than a man may be used for labor and any horse-like creature is sacred.
3. No animal may be ridden.
3. Some magical and nonmagical species.
4. All unique magical creatures are protected, regardless of their behavior.

A'Halouk - centaurs

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