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  • The Great Escape

    Summary- Dates: June 29-July 3 Locations: Spriggan's Hold, Purple Worm Tunnels, Lower Hungerdark, Upper Hungerdark NPCs involved: Rennec, Enzo, Faaz, Kol Kolkonner, Hieu Li Leph, Dommi Michele, Neff, unnamed hobgoblin torturer, The Enslaved Cyclops …

  • "Just the tip"

    Summary- Dates: July 3rd - August 25th Locations: Lower Hungerdark, Owlbear Cave, Spriggan's Hold, Worm Tunnels, Ettin Camp, Yreest's Outpost NPCs involved: Rennec, Piley'y Oakwhisper, Jovan Damian (soothsayer in Hungerdark), Boston Foulblade, Goff …

  • There's Less Mormouth Now

    Summary- Dates: Sep 5-Oct 6 Locations: Pitax, Mario Tasso's shop, GCF station west, Patrice's Oree Ay, The Fig Pie, Francesca Ivro's boarding house. NPCs involved: Mario Tasso, Ludovico "Ludo" Tasso, Licenzia & her hourglass, Cecco Angiolieri (GCF …

  • Pitax

    Pitax is the capital of the Kingdom of Pitax. Population: 4300, with additional 100-1000 tourists, traders or other foreigners visiting at any given time. Despite the population of a "large town", Pitax proper has the trade resources of a well- …

  • Thousandbreaths

    The forest spreading down the southwest side of [[Mt Branthlend]]. Impassable to humans - to enter into the woods is to never return. Legends of monsters, disappearing castles, invisible foes and all manner of fey menace abound about the woods.

  • River travel

    River Travel can be conducted 24 hours a day. Standard rates for a Hungerdark-Littletown or Pitax trip are 10-15 Gp per person. It takes 1.5 days to travel from Hungerdark to Littletown.