Tag: fey


  • Thousandbreaths

    The forest spreading down the southwest side of [[Mt Branthlend]]. Impassable to humans - to enter into the woods is to never return. Legends of monsters, disappearing castles, invisible foes and all manner of fey menace abound about the woods.

  • Wandering Greenwood

    Wandering Greenwoods are dense stands of trees and thicket that traverse the Glenebon Uplands. Kargi clansmen know to give them wide berth for fear of unnameable terrors that might burst forth, or more terrifyingly, irresistable siren calls that …

  • Dozenpoints

    Within the Thousandbreaths, there are places where you can slip between planes and find yourself in pocket dimensions with access point throughout the multiverse. One entrypoint that is reliable in existence throughout the year is the entryway to …

  • Mothman

    www.smhcasting.com/Mothman.jpg Mothman appeared in the icy vampire caverns underneath the tower of bone, to relieve Setyiel and Kor of the blindness inflicted by the vampire-nymph Tanthy. Mothman also changed Kor, Setyiel and Hoate's memories. Kor …