Kol Kolkonner

Mad barbarian junk shop owner in Hungerdark


Kol Kolkonner runs a junk, trinket shop out of a tiny kiosk in the foreigner’s area of Hungerdark, near the Sylvan Glade brothel.

He is a barbarian, to be sure, though not a Kargi. He wears leather armor, a fine woolen cape in a plaid pattern, and two handaxes (one on either hip.) His beard and hair are unruly.

Kol is obsessed with cheese. He has been spotted around Hungerdark scampering on all fours and sniffing about as if he were a mouse. Sometimes he is more lucid than that.

Kol traded Setyiel a powerful magic headband for a wheel of cheese and a scimitar (which he calls the cheese cutter.) When questioned, Kol claimed the headband came from the queen.

Kol Kolkonner

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