Feb 2012 - Pathfinder - Conquest of Steel campaign

We Have Mercy, We're Just Stingy with It

Hobgoblin Military Intelligence is Valuable

Dates: August 25th
Locations: Yreest’s Outpost
NPCs involved: Goff Yreest, Raf’Guragug, Kir Arynyan, Alath Azin
Important occurences: total defeat of Goff’s forces and their deaths
Players present: Nathaniel, Bobby, Michael G, Kris
XP: 3000/each (this does not include last week’s 600 XP for the Tentamort fight)
Jewels worth 15500 gp
GP: 5050
PP: 50
X2 dire boar spleen/adrenal sac – magical material worth 300gp/each
Potion of Barkskin (3 natural armor)
Potion of Bulls strength (
4) CL3
Potion of Cure serious wounds 7 CL7-
Potion of Cure serious wounds +7 CL7
Potion of Haste CL7
X 2 Potion of cure moderate
4 (CL4)
X 4 potion of cure light +2 (CL2)
Chain shirt
Masterwork Breastplate
Adamantine Longsword
Masterwork Javelin
Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield
X20 Leather armor
X3 Studded Leather
X2 Breastplate
X3 Light steel shield
X20 light wooden shield
X3 Light wood shield
X2 Scale Mail
Adamantine rapier
Adamantine dagger
X 3 Masterwork Rapier
X24 Mwk Longsword
10 small longspears
Masterwork light crossbow
X20 Heavy crossbow
X2150 crossbow bolts

and hopefully the following detail

Get Enzo free: incomplete
Investigate Worm Tunnels: incomplete
Ettin camp: incomplete
Annihilate Goff Yreest+Raf’Guragug+outpost, leave Kir Arynyan alive: COMPLETE
Investigate the missing Azin scouts: COMPLETE
Stop the poaching for the Azin: incomplete
Loose ends regarding Abelie’s attack on the Irovetti warehouse: incomplete

Party defeats Goff Yreests warriors in his outpost, besting him and his elite overground, then proceeding down into the outpost. The PCs sweep through the hobgoblin and goblin defenders and free an Azin scout from a slave pit. A Hobgoblin surrenders to Setyiel and is brutally slain while on his knees. Through the wooden door, another hobgoblin holds “important papers” hostage and threatens to burn them. The PCs eventually KO him, realize he is Kir Aranyan and tie him up. A pair of Dire Boars are found to be housed in a room and the party kills them and harvests their organs. The Azin scout’s name is Alath Azin and he is very grateful for his rescue.

Important notes:
Kir Arynyan is left alive, but not especially well kitted out for return to the Kerrekk’Adarr territory. Barring some magic or secret tunnels, he would not be able to quickly return with the news of the camp’s destruction more quickly than the PCs.

Links to wikis that give more detail on the events from the session:



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