Feb 2012 - Pathfinder - Conquest of Steel campaign

There's Less Mormouth Now

a town day in Pitax turns into a town month

Dates: Sep 5-Oct 6
Locations: Pitax, Mario Tasso’s shop, GCF station west, Patrice’s Oree Ay, The Fig Pie, Francesca Ivro’s boarding house.
NPCs involved: Mario Tasso, Ludovico “Ludo” Tasso, Licenzia & her hourglass, Cecco Angiolieri (GCF assistant quartermaster, Captain Salvatore Raffaldini, Matteo Ivro
Francesca Ivro, Wessel Del Pardo

Important occurences:
Players present: Kris, Bobby, Michael, Michael
XP: none
Loot: many purchases were made!

and hopefully the following detail

Quest status:
Get Enzo free: apparently he’s free – party hasn’t spoken with him face to face yet
Investigate Worm Tunnels: incomplete
Ettin camp: incomplete
Stop the poaching for the Azin: incomplete
Loose ends regarding Abelie’s attack on the Irovetti warehouse: incomplete

Day 1:
The party travels to Pitax with their cart of swords and various loot from the hobgoblin outpost. They meet Mario Tasso, who can sell their goods (minus various taxes). Mario sets the party up with Ludo Tasso at the Fig Pie, in Poortown. Net value is 10,295 gp of weaponry/armor/gear into his hands.

Mario sends them to the Fig Pie in the poor quarter of town to meet Ludo and be set up with lodging/disguises.
Setyiel orders a “fig pie” and learns that Fig Pie is slang for a terrible song/performance/or just a bad job of something. They meet Ludo, one of Mario’s cousins, in the empty restaurant that is the Fig Pie. Ludo dispatches his assistant Matteo Ivro to arrange for tenement housing and baths for the party.

Ludo sets them up at Francesca Ivro’s with tiny apartments and baths (hookers).

Day 2:
Tailors come to the apartments to measure the party, who remain in hiding. Desi trains Scrabble. Mario says he has found buyers for the goods, but that there’s a 10% fee/tax/bribe.

Day 3:
Simple outfits of guards are delivered for Kor and Desi. Fancy outfits are delivered for Setyiel and Jurik. Sashes and ribbons marking the party as temporary guests of the Tasso family of House Raffaldini are pinned onto everyone, even Scrabble.

Day 4
Party bribes Cecco Angiolieri (the assistant quartermaster) at a GCF station in the northwest part of Pitax to sell them military supplies (a wand of cure moderate wounds.)

At the traveler’s store “Oree Ay” the party talks Luigi Pulci into selling his storied display models bag of holding, rope of climbing and handy haversack. Luigi is sorry to part with it, as his traveling companion Patrice was lost down an endless crevasse while wearing it. Something about that story seems fishy – specifically how all of PAtrice’s gear wound up in Luigi’s hands after being lost down a crevasse. The party promises to come back and talk to Luigi about their adventures.

At the enchanter Wessel Del Pardo’s, the party orders magical weapons and armor, adding spell storing to Setyiel’s Scimitar and a +1 longbow of Frost for Desi. Wessel is an ancient (60-something year old) wizard with a long white beard and a crisp flat top. Armor upgrades are ordered as well. Conversation with Wessel is limited to commerce.

A tailor is paid to turn the Winter Wolf pelts into fine cloaks for the party to wear.

Day 5
The safehouse is finally ready! The party moves into a nicer part of town, near the bazaar and entertainment. The price is somewhat high – 400 Gp total per month.

The apartment is shared, though the PCs have servants and others to fetch food, do washing etc. Party doesn’t have to leave their comfortable, yet constricting living quarters.

Day 6-30
Desi spends time alone training Scrabble new tricks.
Jurik and Setyiel, with Kor as bodyguard, socialize, gamble, and hear/spread rumors.

The hobgoblins are growing wildly out of control (started by the PCs).
Hobgoblins have raided Mormouth, sacking it and taking slaves up into the mountain.
The GCF and Raffaldini suffered the most from the sack. The LLP also suffered a little. Irovetti holdings there barely suffered. Quadrumvir have minimal holdings in Mormouth so are indifferent.
The Irovetti are implicated as possibly doign dirty deals with the Kerrekk’Adarr, but a far more popular theory is:
The Razmiri Churches in the area were completely unharmed and were possibly complicit in the attack on Mormouth. Churches of Razmiran in Pitax are being vandalized, worshippers abused.
Pitaxian citizens loosely called “Abolitionists” have called for a halt of all trade with the Kerrekk’Adarr and the closing of Hungerdark. House Irovetti and THe LLP oppose this. House Raffaldini is anti-Hungerdark, and is mobilizing the GCF to rebuild Mormouth. All major houses are expected to contribute money to the rebuilding of Mormouth and military action against the Kerrekk’Adarr. The Irovetti and Quadrumvir winepressers are sharply criticized for not contributing enough to this fund.
As reported before, trade along the Road to Hungerdark is sharply reduced. The only houses doing major trade to H.D. are The LLP and House Irovetti.
The popular play in Pitax right now is “Licenzia & Her Hourglass”.
The Church of Callistra held a weeklong Resurrection Parade for one of the wealthier members of House Raffaldini, who died during the raid on Mormouth.

Day 30:
Party departs for Hungerdark, leaving Mario Tasso with the information that they can be reached via Rennec. They tell him that the rumors that the Irovetti are involved directly with the Kerrekk’Adarr might be true. Jurik has a giant cheese and elegant cheese cutting utensil to bring to Kol Kolkonner.

Their return trip is with Captain Salvatore Raffaldini. The party enjoys his company, as he does theirs. Salvatore is on his way to Mormouth with supplies to rebuild. Salvatore drops the party off at Littletown, where they join a caravan of wary travelers heading up the road to Hungerdark.

An idea starts brewing in some party member’s minds – if an attack on Mormouth is cutting down trade with the hobgoblins, would aggressive raids on the road to Hungerdark be a profitable way for the Kargi to end trade between the Kerrekk’Adarr and Pitax?



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