Feb 2012 - Pathfinder - Conquest of Steel campaign

The Great Escape

You don't mind if I say "No" to the torture, do you?

Dates: June 29-July 3
Locations: Spriggan’s Hold, Purple Worm Tunnels, Lower Hungerdark, Upper Hungerdark
NPCs involved: Rennec, Enzo, Faaz, Kol Kolkonner, Hieu Li Leph, Dommi Michele, Neff, unnamed hobgoblin torturer, The Enslaved Cyclops
Important occurences:
Explored a section of the worm tunnels
Bondini delivered to Faaz
Setyiel receives correspondence from Mivon, trades his scimitar to Kol Kolkonner
Summoned to Upper Hungerdark and imprisoned
Torture at the hands of Neff’s soldiers
Bold escape from the Upper Hungerdark
Freeing of the enslaved Cyclops! Anarchy!

Players present: Michael G, Bobby, Nathaniel, Kris
XP: 1700
None, though Setyiel has a magical headband of unidentified properties (strong magical aura)

Quest status:
Find the location of the Cyclop+wolf: complete
Investigate the missing Azin scouts: incomplete
Stop the poaching for the Azin: incomplete
Delivery Bondini to Faaz: complete
Loose ends regarding Abelie’s attack on the Irovetti warehouse: incomplete

Off time projects: learning spells, digging up boulders, hunting for materials
travel to Hungerdark
drop materials with Rennec
deliver Bondini, inform Faaz of the Cylops+Wolf battle
wait to hear about their “reward”
tavernizing: Jurik meets Hieu and Dommi, gambles with em. Rennec disapproves of gambling
sleep in Citadel Bruno
Setyiel trades cheese+scimitar for a headband of unknown properties with a strong magical aura
Desi fails at poison making
Party summoned to Upper Hungerdark by Neff – the hobgoblin that previously killed Matosso and all of his men, then tortured Faaz, Enzo and one other of Faaz’s men nearly to death (actually to death for the third.) Enzo recommends leaving all items of value to the hobgoblins behind, armor and weapons especially.
Gear left with Rennec for safekeeping.
Party ascends into Upper H.D.
slaves everywhere of all races – predominantly Fetchlings, a race descended of humans trapped on the Plane of Shadow.
hundreds of hobgoblin warriors around.
Party brought to cells, locked in.
Drow poison darts fired at party, but all are avoided by the PCs’ quick reflexes.
Jurik taken in the night to be tortured.
Desi taken in the night to be tortured.
Fight and then invisible escape from Hungerdark! Lots of traps disabled, locks picked – one door bashed down.
Flight potion used by Kor to free the two enslaved cyclops
Party flees towards the Irovetti warehouse + Rennec, certain that they must escape before Neff’s warriors destroy all of Hungerdark out of anger.



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