Feb 2012 - Pathfinder - Conquest of Steel campaign

Take that Stick Out of Your Ass, It's a Joke

Party heads home from Goff's outpost, meets trees

Summary- (2 sessions)
Dates: August 25-27, Aug 27-Sep 5
Locations: Foothills of Mt Branthlend
NPCs involved: Kir Aranyan, Alath Azin, Ontaginaf, Wuzil the Wonderstick, Arfin
Important occurrences: Kir set free, Alath escorted to near Azin territory, Wuzil speaks!
Players present: Nathaniel, Bobby, Michael G, Kris
XP: 3250 each
Loot: Slippers of Spider Climbing (from Arfin), buttons, dried flowers, bee poison (2 uses), narcotic vines (worth 500gp) of indeterminate effect

Get Enzo free: in process
Investigate Worm Tunnels: incomplete
Ettin camp: incomplete
Annihilate Goff Yreest+Raf’Guragug+outpost, leave Kir Arynyan alive: COMPLETE
Investigate the missing Azin scouts: COMPLETE
Stop the poaching for the Azin: incomplete
Loose ends regarding Abelie’s attack on the Irovetti warehouse: incomplete

Important notes:
PC take military intelligence from Kir Aranyan, who they’ve left with armor, a dagger and 1 day of provisions.
PCs cache some leftover loot that they don’t want to carry at the ruins of Goff Yreest’s fort (which they burned down.)
Desi takes many hobgoblin teeth.
Outpost is burned with fire.
PCs travel south towards the Owlbear cave dropoff.
In the night a leprechaun is caught trying to lift Desi’s gnome hand of glory. Through entanglement the leprechaun “Arfin” is caught and interrogated. A voice known as “Wuzil the Wonderstick” argues with the leprechaun, insulting him by calling him a gnome. The leprechaun promises to lead the PCs to his treasure trove, and seems to be telling the truth.
The Leprechaun leads them to a tree surrounded by roses and giant bees. One of the trees turns out to be a hangman tree, the giant bees are angered by the PCs, and Will O’The Wisp attacks. Setyiel is entangled/muffled for the first (but definitely not the last) time.

A letter awaits the PCs at the Owlbear cave:
Is it possible to get permission to build an outpost on the foothills of Mt Branthlend, with Azin help/permission?
PCs send a letter back to HD – Misssion accomplished, Azin will have to be pursuaded and the Al’Halouk might be able to sway them. Kol will need a lot of cheese.

The party, in need of replenishment, decides that despite all warnings of dire threats of Neff’s agents in Pitax, they need to travel to the big city for supplies.

In disguise, Jurik and (Kor? Desi?) steal into Hungderdark to consult with Rennec. He tells them that trade has been disrupted and there are mercenaries staying at the mansion. Enzo is already back in Hungerdark, news apparently traveling very fast. Rennec sells the Jurik a mule+cart for 35 GP and the party proceeds to the crossing, all in disguise.

At the crossing the party finds a ship captained by Gaius Zanzotto and owned by the LLP. It is the largest ship on the river, especially now that trade by anyone except the LLP and House Irovetti is slowing. The party befriends Gaius, though not his cousin Bruno Zanzotto, who is the trader on the ship. They disrupt a game of shuffleboard.

The party travels to Pitax with their cart of swords and various loot from the hobgoblin outpost.



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