Feb 2012 - Pathfinder - Conquest of Steel campaign

Kor meets Manticore

let's get diplomatic

Dates: October 6-9th
Locations: Hungerdark, Azin territory
NPCs involved: Dmitri, Faaz, Enzo, Rennec, Kol Kolkonner, Akpinnar Azin, Antelia Azin, Alath Azin, Hieu Le Pham
Important occurences: Akpinnar Azin agrees to treat with Enzo, party fights three manticore
Players present:
XP: 1700
Loot: 3000 gp in magical parts (Manticore bits)

and hopefully the following detail

Quest status:
Rob LLP Mansion: quest not accepted
Get permission from Azin to build Irovetti fort: incomplete
Get Enzo free: COMPLETE, with questions
Investigate Worm Tunnels: incomplete
Ettin camp: incomplete
Stop the poaching for the Azin: incomplete
Loose ends regarding Abelie’s attack on the Irovetti warehouse: incomplete

Important notes:

The party returns to Hungerdark and is greeted at the Irovetti warehouse by their old frenemy Dmitri, who is stiff and cold to the party, even rude. The party humiliates Dmitri in front of the other warehouse staff.

Enzo is on hand, and when quizzed about his time with the hobgoblins, is somewhat vague about the details. He seems none the worse for the wear, and the party suspects that maybe he was never actually kidnapped in the first place.

Faaz talks with the players in his office, with Enzo on hand. The party wants to send a message to Mamdani, asking if they can meet him. Faaz says he’ll have Mamdani summon the party if they agree to perform a diplomatic mission to the Azin: House Irovetti wants to build a hidden fort in the foothills of Mt Branthlend, right on the edge of Azin territory, with the stated goal of being a bulwark against the Kerrekk’Adarr/base of operations for anti-hobgoblin patrols. The party isn’t sure if they’re willing to do this, but chats with Enzo about what might be required by the Azin in exchange for permission to build near their land.

The party is very nervous about Hungerdark, suspicious of Faaz and the Irovetti – they’re even feeling wary of Enzo and Rennec. To this end, they begin scouting the area and learn a few things about what’s happening in Hungerdark:

1. Kol Kolkonner tells Setyiel that he got his magic headband from “The Queen” or “My Queen” but isn’t helpful about who/where that might be. He remains interested in cheeses.
2. The GCF is at max capacity in Hungerdark, but scouting by Desi reveals that the troops are of low quality, poor discipline and they’re bored.
3. Jurik performs, successfully, a version of “The Cyclops and the Wolf” at the tavern.
4. There are mercenaries staying in the guest house of the LLP mansion, led by a man named Checco. They’re reputed to be heavy drinkers.
5. Checco is involved, in some way, with the Church of Callistra.
6. Rennec (and followers of Razmiran) are hot topics, especially with regard to Rennec’s yearly migration to Mormouth. Talk in the tavern is hostile towards Rennec.

Jurik invisibly eavesdrops on Faaz and Rennec, hearing Rennec propose a very dangerous mission for the party. It’s sneaky, and Faaz doesn’t like that. Faaz would like an open war with the LLP, something straightforward. But he does like the idea of mocking Giacomo with Rennec’s plan, so okays it.

The party is summoned to Faaz’s office and offered 20,000gp in gems if they can get Azin/A’Halouk approval to build the secret fort. If the party wants, there’s also another mission, but a very dangerous one. If they’re caught, they’ll be marked men in Hungerdark and Pitax. But it’d pay well – 30,000 in gems for only a little work.

The party doesn’t bite on the dangerous mission. It seems too risky and they aren’t sure they want to help House Irovetti anyways. But they agree to go talk to the Azin.

Two days march from Hungerdark, three Manticore appear a few hundred feet away and barrage the party with their tail spikes. The party’s lack of artillery is clear, though Setyiel reads a scroll that drops one manticore dead immediately, and once one character is downed, the manticore swoop forward to try and carry off their body (for eating!) and that is their mistake. The party defeats the manticore and takes their tails with them to the Azin. One whole manticore is delivered to Mamdani.

Chief Akpinnar of the Azin is not especially thrilled to hear that “P’taxsh” want to treat with him. He says they’re welcome to come and die, if they want. The idea that Kerrekk’Adarr could be a real threat to the Kargi is brushed aside – if they want to come and die, they’re also welcome.

Eventually the party gets Akpinnar to agree to allow Enzo to bring him prizes of armor, weapons and wine. If the prizes are adequate, Enzo won’t be killed. But no promises.

The party figures this is the best they’ll get, and rests with the Azin, intending to travel north to Mamdani. That night, everyone except Desi gets laid. Kor tries to



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