Feb 2012 - Pathfinder - Conquest of Steel campaign

"Just the tip"

I'd rather be alive during my downtime, these hobgoblins disagree.

Dates: July 3rd – August 25th
Locations: Lower Hungerdark, Owlbear Cave, Spriggan’s Hold, Worm Tunnels, Ettin Camp, Yreest’s Outpost
NPCs involved: Rennec, Piley’y Oakwhisper, Jovan Damian (soothsayer in Hungerdark), Boston Foulblade, Goff Yreest, Raf’Guragug
Important occurences:
Party in hiding at Spriggan’s hold
Training Scrabble
There’s an Ettin and a Grizzly up on the mountain
Faaz’s cousin Enzo reported lost in Upper Hungerdark
Azin are sniveling cowards as per usual
Goff’s outpost discovered, massive battle engaged in – still going at end of session
Setyiel’s Scimitar arrives from Mivon

Players present: Bobby, Nathaniel, Kris
XP: 600 each (300 for Jurik)
Material for 30 Tentamort poisons
(Sting—injury; save Fort DC 15; frequency 2 rounds; effect 1d4 Con plus nausea; cure 1 save)
Setyiel’s headband was identified as a Headband of Mental Superiority

Map update:
Map update   june 15

Quest status:
Get Enzo free: incomplete
Investigate Worm Tunnels: incomplete
Ettin camp: incomplete
Annihilate Goff Yreest+Raf’Guragug+outpost, leave Kir Arynyan alive: processing…
Investigate the missing Azin scouts: incomplete
Stop the poaching for the Azin: incomplete
Loose ends regarding Abelie’s attack on the Irovetti warehouse: incomplete

Important notes:

Rushing down into Lower Hungerdark, the party discusses their options. Faaz and the House Irovetti are decided to be potentially untrustworthy, and the Razmiri Priest Rennec is settled upon as the party’s destination. They circle out and around the town walls, becoming visible in the bushes and then returns to town through the front gate, heading straight for Rennec’s.

The party explains that they’ve escaped Upper Hungerdark and are worried that Neff will come for them and maybe destroy the town. Rennec agrees that they’re in a pickle, and isn’t able to tell them how Faaz will react. Rennec calls the crossdressing elf hooker “Piley’y Oakwhisper” over to his shop. She is known as someone who runs messages around Hungerdark when the HJ/BJ business is slow. He sends he to fetch “Boston”, and she goes running. In the meanwhile the PCs and Rennec hatch a plan. Pitax, Littletown and other Pitaxian towns are unsafe, as Rennec reports the likelihood that the hobgoblin Neff has agents in those cities. The party would flee to Mivon or further, but there is uncertainty about how Mamdani would react if he learned his deliveries would take an additional month of travel each time – would he turn the Ohesaare over to face Al’Halouk justice? With these uncertainties it is agreed that the party of Cyclops+Wolf destroying barbarians will hide a few days to the north of Hungerdark, in the wild foothills of Mt Branthlend. A system of messaging back and forth will be set up, through a friend of Rennec’s, who arrives with Piley’y – he is one of the poachers, the one who leads dogs and smells like dogs: Boston Foulblade. He speaks gruffly, with a Mivonese accent.

After a brief negotiation in which Rennec uses the word “friend” about ten thousand times, Boston
agrees to act as the messenger to the party for 200Gp. The length of this engagement is unclear – a month? two? Surely the party won’t be gone for that long, will they? Rennec agrees to store the party’s loot at his shop until they can return, for a modest fee (anyone remember what the fee was, exactly?)

Setyiel responds to the two letters, telling Farhiss’s relatives in Mivon that he’ll visit Mivon soon enough and want to take a look at the scroll concerning the Likul, and asking Mario to obtain the adamantine scimitar. 1000gp is handed over to Rennec as downpayment on the scimitar.

Setyiel makes a quick trip to Kol Kolkonner Curio shop, but Kol is not around. Rats! He’d hoped to quiz the mad barbarian junk trader about the origins of the magic headband. His neighbor, Jovan Damien, checks the entrails and tea leaves and confirms to Setyiel “Kol is not here, but is very likely to return in the future.” Setyiel is very impressed by this bit of soothsaying, really, no, he’s not being sarcastic. He returns to Rennec’s and the party straps their gear to their backs and looks at the dog-smelling mercenary Ranger, Boston. Boston nods and leaves, leaving Rennec’s iron-masked visage waving behind them.

The party, with Boston and a few of his gigantic mastiffs, head immediately out into the wilderness. Boston suggests a meeting place somewhere near to his trapping area, and the party chooses the Owlbear cave. A heavy rock inside the cave, near to the trickling water tube, is selected as the drop point. The party is obligated to check four times per moon (once a week). Boston departs with his dogs and the party makes a random, crisscrossing circuit through difficult terrain to confuse trackers, landing at “Camp Stoneworm” for their summer retreat.

Kor and Desi make it their priority to train Scrabble to perform various tricks for both combat and camping, with Desi also setting up a poison/antidote lab in the Spriggan wizard’s old wand/potion shop.

Setyiel & Jurik spend their days watching the owlbear cave from a hidden position, wary of double crossing by Boston, Rennec or any witnesses who might’ve betrayed their position to Neff.


then the party hangs out in the spriggans hold for like a month, training the cat and fucking around
once the party hear about Enzo, there is a brief exploration of the worm tunnels, but then they party spots an Ettin with a bear and Kor freaks out about wasting time and the party turns back.
there is some communication back and forth with Rennec/Faaz
Enzo is a “guest” in upper hungerdark
Faaz tells the party that if they want to help save his cousin, they can go destroy a hobgoblin outpost at the northeastern tip of Mt Branthlend, leaving one specific hobgoblin alive.
the party finds the outpost
they spot some hobgoblins and engage them
the thrill of massacre gets the best of everyone and the party winds up spread into a thin line that stretches probably 300 feet long
desi is swarmed at the farrr end and Jurik has to help her scramble free.
hobgoblins are sort of popping out of the ground – the initial group that appeared was bait.
So right now there’s two groups of hobgoblins advancing on the party while the party attempts to rally/regroup.



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