Feb 2012 - Pathfinder - Conquest of Steel campaign

It's Fun To Get Away From Camp, Even if it's Only for an Hour

Party's first visit to Pitax

Dates: June 2-18
Locations: Hungerdark, Pitax, Il’Halouk
NPCs involved: Enzo, Rennec, Mamdani, Dabashi, Captain Salvatore Raffaldini, Mario Tasso of House Raffaldini, Cesare Pavese
Important occurences:
PCs attacked at night by shadow from the Plane of Shadow
PCs travel to Pitax and back
Info about the various factions/families of Pitax can be viewed at the Pitax wiki page.
PC’s return to Il’Halouk and make delivery to Mamdani, obtain Bondanin to be delivered to Faaz – as well as some magic items to assist their travels.

Players present: Michael, Bobby, Kris, Nathaniel
XP: 338 each
12 CL 6 potions of Expeditious Retreat
+2 Greataxe of Halouk design on loan from Mamdani

Quest status:
Stop the poaching for the Azin: incomplete
Delivery Bondini to Faaz: incomplete
Return Parda Pardo’s lost shield to him: complete/sold to Mario Tasso in Pitax
Find the location of the Cyclop+wolf: incomplete
Loose ends regarding Abelie’s attack on the Irovetti warehouse: incomplete
Guard the dwarven traders for Rennec: complete
Return to Mamdani with delivery from Faaz: complete

It’s summer!
Travel by night to Hungerdark Crossing intent on Littletown, but bypass to Pitax.
Meet Captain Salvatore Raffaldini of the Raffaldini Family and Grand Council of Fasci Navy, establish rapport.
Spot Tower of Bone a few miles in the distance. Tower of Bone is a catastrophic tarot card in Pitaxian lore, one of the 12 Towers of Pitax.
GCF station is located in the far western tower of Pitax, near a large, older theater.
A page is sent to House Pardo, on returning he takes Jurik+party to Mario Tasso. Mario is very engaged by the novelty of barbarians from the north holding a Pardo family shield. He knows Parda Pardo, maybe personally, and will return the shield to him. He pays a very fair price for the shield. He sells the PCs arms+armor, and sends word with a caravan to seek “a high quality scimitar” in Mivon for Setyiel (this order was placed on June 5th).
Travel back upriver with Captain Salvatore, return to Hungerdark as the sun is setting.
Faaz is angry at the PCs for disappearing for days and not being around to deliver to Mamdani. He insists they depart at night for Il’Halouk. The PCs are generally unimpressed, but are willing to leave town and set up camp in the wild.
Stop at the tavern on the way out to pay off Rennec – there’s collusion by Rennec with House Irovetti, he insists on his cut of the “hazard pay” for the “trouble on the road”.
Charity by the PCs via Rennec to Cesare Pavese (level 2 rogue). Kor makes an impression with the kid by yelling at him.
PCs camp not far outside of Hungerdark and are attacked by a Shadow, one very clearly created/originated in the Plane of Shadow and not Golarion. They drive the Shadow off with some badass magic on the part of Setyiel.
Dabashi is obviously suspicious, irritated by the human presence – in argument with Mamdani
Il’Halouk has a magical effect on it that distorts distance
Mamdani clearly has suspicions or information about the shadow attack, but doesn’t share info.
He does share magic potions and a “shopping list” of various components for magic items.
Magical Greataxe of Halouk design on loan to the party
Party walks out of Mamdani’s as adventure ends.


Desari actually managed to scare a Shadow.


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